Technical Training


At Tempest, we offer innovative training solutions to bring you state-of-the-art quantitative modeling and data analysis tools.¬†Unlike short courses or extension programs, we design and deliver customized training experiences, on-site, at your convenience. With our broad background in quantitative technologies and years of industrial and academic experience, we can offer the expert advice and instruction you need to determine the utility of the latest-and-greatest for your particular projects. We offer one-hour “basics” discussions, half day lecture or working group sessions, multi-day courses, and material and format, all of which is tailored to your needs. From a single individual to an auditorium-size group, our training services can efficiently provide the information your team needs to succeed.

Our service offerings for expanding client capabilities across the following disciplines include:

Public Health, Social Sciences, and Policy

  • Survey Design and Administration
  • Web-based Survey Construction
  • Data Analysis and Decisions
  • Mathematical Models: Construction, Analysis and Validation

Engineering and Physical Sciences

  • MATLAB and Simulink
  • Engineering Data Analysis
  • Mathematical Models: Construction, Analysis and Validation
  • Controls: Linear, Nonlinear, Real-time and Adaptive