Our value is derived from a unique staff of mathematicians, engineers, social and health scientists that offer diverse and wide-ranging experience in partnering with clients in problem formulation, experiment design, survey instrument development, data collection and processing, research methodologies, model development, computational implementation, verification and validation, and results presentation.

Our specialized core competencies have been applied to a variety of projects across multiple sectors, including:

  • Population modeling, statistical data analysis, model tuning, and optimization in support of insurgency interdiction and influence operations
  • Understanding social networks, social norms, and marketing impacts on drinking dynamics in college communities for the reduction of alcohol-related problems on campuses
  • Inferring network structure from communications data for terrorist network disruption
  • Developing optimal sensing plans for complex teams of recon troops and unmanned air vehicles in support of ground troop operations
  • Modeling college admissions and freshman retention in support of student success and enrollment management planning
  • Gene expression network modeling for the understanding of stress response
  • Real-time beam control for laser tracking and weapon systems
  • Ladar image processing and target extraction for smart munitions
  • Social networks and evacuation processes in emergency planning
  • Collaborative planning and control of autonomous attack systems