Case Studies

Mathematics, and modeling in particular, allows one to not only imitate real-world scenarios, but also improve them. Our clients have complex problems that require innovative solutions. We view each client problem with an open mind and develop unique and tailored approaches to achieve success. Select examples of our client work can be found below.


Beam_Control_small Beam Control in Laser Systems
Tempest has been an active participant in advancing the state-of-the-art
and state-of-the-practice in beam control systems, applying adaptive
control and estimation techniques… more
ImageBasedTracking-tiny Image Based Tracking
Working with Air Force scientists and engineers, we have developed
a suite of algorithms and software for tracking, guidance and control
of smart munitions with active and passive sensing capability…. more
UAV-small Sensor Control for Surveillance Planning
Our experience in computational command and control has included
automated planning for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) in several
DARPA-supported efforts…. more
CollegeDrinking-small College Drinking Modeling
College drinking is one of the most significant and complex public health
problems today. Heavy drinking among college students remains a pervasive
problem…. more
Insurgency-small Quantitative Assessment of Influence Operations
Tempest has been involved in understanding the complex nature of
warfare today; a topic that requires a much greater emphasis on
influence operations  and other non-traditional means of forwarding
objectives…. more