Beam Control in Laser Systems

The Problem Tempest has been an active participant in advancing the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in beam control systems, applying adaptive control and estimation techniques in image processing, wavefront compensation, and noise cancellation, teaming with Air Force and private contractors to deliver analysis, algorithms, and software.

The Solution From the AirBorne Laser strategic missile defense platform to tactical laser systems across the military services, laser weapons are nearing realization and integration into the U.S. arsenal. Precision beam control in complex environments is among the key issues driving research and development. Our algorithms have been demonstrated in a wide variety of simulation, laboratory tests, and field experiments. Not only have we developed high accuracy control and estimation algorithms, but we have also instantiated them in real-time codes on an array of hardware platforms.

The Outcome In conducting these tests, we have developed a strong capability in experimental design, testing and evaluation, and validation and verification for both simulation-based and physical experimentation-based environments.