Consulting Services


Somewhere in that jumble of data and paper is the innovation that will put you ahead of your competition. How do you find it before they do? Traditional technical service firms will rent you a technical specialist, or contract to conduct research on your problem. We are different. 

The Team Approach

Tempest specializes in applying established quantitative methods to produce the solutions you need to put you ahead in the marketplace. Our technical experts work in partnership teams with members of your staff to produce solutions that matter to your business.

Business First

All Tempest projects begin by establishing a strong, quantifiable business case. Aligning technical innovation with our clients’ business objectives ensures the highest return on their investment. Furthermore, our staged approach to problem solving and frequent checkpoints guarantees that projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Skill When You Need It – Where You Need It

Staying ahead means more than cutting costs – it also involves the application of the right technical specialty at the right time and place. It means working smarter and faster than your competition to get an innovation to market first. Tempest can bring focused expertise to your technical teams, with the advantage that we are there when you need us.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Intellectual property is crucial to your competitive advantage. At Tempest, our goal is to enhance your company’s knowledge and expertise through interactions within the project teams and through our training services.  In this way, projects that involve Tempest not only solve high-impact technical problems, but improve your ability to continue to capitalize on the results.