With a goal to effect real change and achieve true impact for our clients, Tempest works with first-rate organizations and institutions across multiple service areas. Our employees team with public health professionals, college admissions staff, market researchers, psychologists, computer scientists, research scientists, engineers, hydrologists, actuaries and lawyers in a number of public policy, commercial product development, and research and development efforts. Please explore the service areas below for additional information.

Statistics Simulation, Statistics & Data Analysis
 At Tempest, our core expertise is the development and application of
quantitative methods to solve problems.  more  
Consulting  Consulting Services
Somewhere in that jumble of data and paper is the innovation that will put you
ahead of your competition. How do you find it before they do? Traditional
technical service firms will rent you a technical specialist, or contract to conduct
research on your problem. We are different.  more
LitigationServices-tiny Litigation Services 
Tempest can provide litigation support and expert witness testimony. more
TechnicalTraining Technical Training
At Tempest, we offer innovative training solutions to bring you state-of-the-art
quantitative modeling and data analysis tools. Unlike short courses or extension
programs, we design and deliver customized training experiences, more