Yun Wang, PhD

Vice President

Yun Wang, PhD, has served as Vice President, Senior Analyst and Chief Engineer at Tempest Technologies for over twelve years. Dr. Wang directs and participates in model development, algorithm implementation, real-time coding for control algorithms to advance laser pointing and tracking applications; modeling, estimation, and optimization issues in influence operations applications via epidemiological and ecosystems approaches; efficient hardware/software designs and implementations for high-frequency nonlinear control. Dr. Wang has successfully integrated Tempest control and estimation algorithms into a number of laboratory, field, and commercial prototype systems.

Dr. Wang’s experience has helped to build the company over the past several years in order to meet the company’s mandate of advancing the objectives of government, non-governmental organizations and private industry clients by offering quantitative research methods, mathematical and statistical modeling and analysis, and software engineering and development. Dr. Wang holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in electrical engineering as well as a master’s and a doctorate degree in applied mathematics. Furthermore, Dr. Wang holds a patent and has published a book as well as many articles in the areas of vibration control, smart material structures, image-based tracking and adaptive control of optical systems.