Kristin Holmbeck-Cannell, MS


Kristin Holmbeck-Cannell joined Tempest Technologies as a Junior Analyst in 2012 after graduating from Loyola Marymount University (LMU) with a bachelor of science in applied mathematics. During her undergraduate career, Kristin worked on various research projects, including a project in Australia working with a GPS and inertial measurement unit to track the locations of marsupial moles, as well as an Air Force-funded research project in agent-based modeling of insurgency and civil violence.  Kristin was the recipient of the LMU Program Scholar Award, the James M. and Dorothy E. Deveny Scholarship, and the Hannon Science and Engineering Endowment. She recently earned her MS in Applied Mathematics at CSU Long Beach in 2018.

As an Analyst at Tempest, Kristin is involved and takes leadership in algorithm testing and implementation. Specifically, Kristin is experienced in C++, Fortran, Python, HTML, Javascript, and Matlab programming on Windows and Linux which she has applied to various projects, particularly optimal control and web application development.

She currently holds memberships at the Society for Industry and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the National Mathematics Honorary Society, Pi Mu Epsilon.