Ben Fitzpatrick, PhD


Ben Fitzpatrick, PhD is the Clarence J. Wallen Professor of Mathematics at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and President of Tempest Technologies. He has 28 years of experience in statistical analysis, quantitative modeling, and software development. As the holder of the Wallen Chair at LMU, Dr. Fitzpatrick directs the independent study program in biomathematics and consults with faculty and campus administrators on statistical data analysis in ecological, genetic, and biological research projects, and admission, retention, and academic program analyses. In his duties at Tempest, he currently manages consulting projects on modeling and analysis of insurgencies via epidemiological and ecosystems approaches, planning and control of mixed initiative and semiautonomous unmanned vehicle operations, and uncertainty analysis in longitudinal studies of clinical trial data.

Dr. Fitzpatrick’s extensive track record, both in the consulting and academic arenas, has led to the development of key collaborations with researchers and subject matter experts on several projects and successful grant competitions. His most recent research on college drinking has involved the development of deterministic and stochastic compartmental models of student drinking behavior dynamics, the calibration of models to survey data, and understanding the impacts of reducing the minimum legal drinking age on problem drinking behaviors. Dr. Fitzpatrick holds a PhD in applied mathematics from Brown University and has published extensively in the areas of modeling, dynamics and control, and image processing.